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Elevate Your Restroom Experience with Boreal Architectural's

Premium-Quality Solid Phenolic Toilet Partitions

Elevate your restroom aesthetics and functionality with Boreal Architectural Products’ Solid Phenolic Toilet Partitions. Our innovative designs combine durability and style to transform your spaces. Our solid phenolic partitions are engineered to withstand heavy use, ensuring a long lifespan and minimal maintenance. Tailor your restroom partitions to fit your unique design vision. We offer customizable options to meet your specific requirements.

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Upgrade to Pedestal-type Footing

Why Choose Solid Phenolic Toilet Partitions?

Boreal Architectural Products offers cutting-edge Solid Phenolic Toilet Partitions that redefine durability in high-traffic restrooms. Crafted with precision, our partitions guarantee long-lasting performance, making them ideal for commercial and public spaces. Exceptional Durability, Aesthetically Pleasing, Hygienic and Easy to Clean – the perfect toilet partition material choice for high-traffic spaces

Colour Chart

Available Colours & Textures

White - 1082

Black - 142

Grey - 538

Cocoa Teak - 2460

Take the first step toward transforming your washroom today!

Elevate your restroom facilities with Boreal Architectural’s Solid Phenolic Toilet Partitions—where innovation, style, and sustainability converge to create a seamless blend of form and function. Invest in a solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.